Brian Jessee is a Web Developer who specializes in building dynamic web sites using WordPress and can do custom backend modifications, custom plugins and themes, or solve WordPress issues.

Brian prides himself on being a professional and he believes this counts the most at the start of a project where planning through challenges can make or break it and at the end of a project where the details can easily get missed when finishing up. Brian’s professional approach is the reason he was hired to fix an expensive web site built by an agency or why he was hired to fix the main feature of a website the day before it needed to go live

Instead of fixing web sites, Brian prefers to use his professional approach and project managing skills learned in commercial construction to organize and plan a web site that fits your budget and meets your goals. To do that, Brian starts each project by asking a series of questions to get an idea of how to make the project a success. From there he can work on balancing design with the message. He also uses the latest design, coding, search engine, social media, and performance standards for each project and takes time each week to learn about new standards and methods.

Currently, Brian is working developing a Pro Version of his Coupon Creator plugin for WordPress as well as two association websites.

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A little about Brian Jessee

In the late 90’s I started designing websites with Front Page, but did not like building sites that way. Instead, I decided to focus on obtaining my Finance Degree from American University. Three years ago, I started designing websites again after learning new techniques from Online Videos at CSS-Tricks. I found a new way to design sites using a text editor and CSS to style the website.

I also found WordPress and learned how to utilize it to update websites without having to change coding every time. I do not like using content management systems that make designers or programmers repeat meaningless tasks. I believe WordPress enables me to cut out meaningless tasks and work more efficiently for my clients.

I have a variety of experience with small business, working with an online printing company, start up Home Construction company, a Venture Capital firm and as Foreman and Project Manager of a Commercial Mason Firm. In Myrtle Beach, I was an On Air Personality in radio and learned video editing at a TV Station.

I am an avid reader and read for pleasure and to learn. I enjoy movies, a good beer, great food and thanks to my Mom, I can cook almost anything. Just be careful when I cook something new! I love to surf and had the opportunity to travel to many great surf destinations including Australia and Panama and many beaches up and down both coasts of the United States.