Coupon Creator 1.81 Released!

Coupon Creator 1.81 is up on, this update is preparing for a Pro version of the Coupon Creator.

The two main focuses for this update are the Options Page and the Meta Fields, both of which were turned into Classes.

This is also fixes one of the major problems I had with 1.70 was that sanitization had to be added for each field and could not be shared, this is now done by the field type. The Options page was overhauled for a better look with a tab interface to make it easier to group options together.

The new options added to the Coupon Creator are:

  • Choose Default Colors for New Coupons for the Border, Discount Text, and Discount Background.
  • Option to Hide the Click to Print Link
  • Option to add or remove nofollow on the Click to Print Link and Print Template (on by default)
  • Option for Custom CSS to be added with the Coupons or on the Print Template
  • Option to Reset to Default