Coupon Creator Pro 2.1 Released!

2.1 is out with border themes, recurring expiration, columns and rows inserter, and an update coupon inserter with search capabilities!

Coupon Border Examples

Coupon Creator Pro 2.1 Features and Updates:

  • Border themes, Dotted Border, Stitched Border, Saw Tooth Border (modern browsers and IE 10+), and None Option
  • Recurring Expiration; set an expiration for the end of the month and have it automatically change to the end of the next month
  • Recurring Expiration includes different patterns to recur as well as limits to how many times it does recur
  • Ability to insert columns and rows into the content editor. Options include, two column combinations, three column combinations, four columns, and rows
  • The new Pro Inserter has the ability to search coupons and categories in the dropdown
  • Hide the Click to Open in Print View link as a default for new coupons and disable per coupon
  • Added Option to choose Font Family and Font Weight for Print View text and headings.
  • All the details can be found in the plugin readme.txt or on the release notes blog

Check out the live coupon demo of these features an more.