Coupon Creator Pro 2.2 Released!

Coupon Creator Pro 2.2 is out with the first steps to more coupon management.

Overview of the new shortcode, filters, and template system.

Themer’s Guide Intro

Pro 2.2 Change Log

  • Add couponloop shortcode to display the new default template in pro with filter bar
  • Add function to prevent another coupon loop shortcode from running
  • Add templating system for all coupon in Pro to be able to make modifications in a theme
  • Add filter bar for new loop to change coupons per page, and categories, category match, order along with reset button
  • Add new options to choose settings for templates and choose main coupon page
  • Add filter bar and columns breakpoint options
  • Add Salvattore Script to control columns for new couponloop shortcode and category templates
  • Added a filter to show the Coupon Categories in the WordPress Nav Editor
  • Added a category template in Pro, coupons show in Parent Category when checked for Sub Category
  • Add body class coupon-category-template when using Coupon Creators category template
  • Add option to select template for coupon categories
  • Add option to change category archive slug
  • Add custom term templates for coupon categories, category/slug/single-events, category/slug/loop.php
  • Add default for popup dimensions to make sure the popup always resizes
  • Add modified version of select2 4.0.1 to use on options that fixes having square brackets in the select field name
  • Add flush or permalinks on version upgrade to help prevent 404 errors

Core 2.2 Change Log

  • Added a check for the role before adding the coupon capabilities to prevent invalid argument warnings in the foreach statement, thanks Maxim
  • Changed the capability system to match to existing capabilities to make it possible to modify Added defaults to the coupon option functions to enable critical fields to have a backup
  • Add flush or permalinks on version upgrade to precent 404 errors
  • Added option to prevent coupon creator from modifying the standard search query to remove coupons due to change in custom post type setup