Coupon Creator Version 1.60

This update focuses on making the CSS Responsive and improving css methods. Coupons will resize their height according to the content, but will maintain their width. The width has a maximum set so that it will show 100% on the screen on smaller devices or content areas. There is a minimum height for the content and that is supported in all browsers and IE7 and above. There is base support for IE7 and none for IE6 and below with the new style rules.

A html comment is now added when a coupon has expired so someone can tell by looking at the source code if a coupon has expired.

A version number has been added when registering all scripts to bust caches. The number is the last date a file was modified.

The filter for the Print View of the coupon has been changed to template_include as the previous was causing 404 errors in some themes. This maybe changed back depending on the feedback.

Colorbox script and css have been updated to 1.4.37 for the videos in the Coupon Editor.

In the next version of the Coupon Creator I am planning on overhauling all the coding to prepare for a pro version that will support many features people have asked for including a visual editor, more themes, and support for directory sites.