Coupon Creator Version 1.70

This version is a complete rewrite of the plugin to Object-oriented programming and was done to get ready for a Pro Version with many new features. In the process of rewriting, I updated the color picker script and changed to the latest WordPress Media Uploaded for the Coupon Image Upload.

I also, fixed some errors in addition, to changing the deprecated php split function. Localization is nwo expanded to include the admin area, however, the only translation right now is for Spanish on the front-end. The settings page is a new addition so admins can change the default permalinks for the coupons. The final update is to add custom columns to the list view so users can tell expiration dates and if it is set to ignore them.

The next version will also have a pro version with these features in the works, including: a visual editor to make coupons, background coupon images, editable link texts, more themes, more control from the settings page, custom css, premium support, and more! More details as the that version approaches beta.