How to Videos – WordPress Multisite

A sample Help Page with notes on inserting videos, audio, and coupons. Also links for videos on how to use WordPress.

Audio and YouTube

Enter any of these shortcodes in the text editor to use them. Replacing the ID or URL with your own.

YouTube Shortcode – &#91youtube id=’7BOhDaJH0m4’&#93

Audio enter the full link without the quotes

Adcode: &#60&#97 href=’%link%’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’>&#60img src=’%image%’&#62&#60&#47&#97&#62

General WordPress Videos
How To Change Your Work Space
How To Create a Post and Add an Image
Create And Add A WordPress Image Gallery
How To Use the Visual Editor
How to Add a YouTube Video or Audio
Send Posts to Other Sites

Adding Content to site:
How to Change or Display content on the Websites
Update Rotating Header Graphics
How To Add A Slider
How To Use the Different Slider Options
Create a Poll and Insert it into a Post

Setup a From
Add Inputs to a Form
Insert a Form into a Post
Change Notifications
Export and Import a Form and Form Entries

Adding and Managing Ads in WordPress