WordPress Blog in HTML5

Project Skyn Iceland HTML5 Blog
Custom Blog built for WordPress using HTML5 as a subcontractor.

    Some highlights of the site:

  • HTML5 Theme with Moderizer for antique versions of Internet Explorer (8 and lower)
  • jQuery WayPoints to Create a Social Media Bar on top of site when the site is scrolled pasted the header
  • Custom meta box for videos to display instead of a featured image
  • Custom meta box for caption on featured image or video
  • Includes YouTube Shortcode
  • Custom category and archive dropdown
  • Twitter and Facebook connection so all new post titles are sent to the social media profiles automatically
  • Custom visual editor buttons
  • Modified flash mp3 player with HTML5 fallback for mobile support
  • User Broswers.php to detect browsers and correct styling errors cause it is to hard for them to do it themselves!