Blessinger Legal is a custom responsive child theme for Genesis that is translated into Spanish using WPML.


  • Spanish Translation of the web site using WPML
  • Custom Responsive Child Theme for Genesis
  • Click Tracking on Phone Numbers
  • Staff Custom Post Type to show bios for individual staff
  • Staff Page to provide links to individual staff bios

Lilith Comic

Lilith Comic is a WordPress website that publishes a comic twice a week and broadcasts the link to a variety of social media accounts and email automatically.


  • Broadcasts links of the latest comic to a Facebook Page and Profile and the Twitter Account for Lilith Comic
  • Better social media sharing with setup of Open Graph for Facebook, Twitter card meta data, and Google Authorship
  • Ability for fans to sign up for notification by email when a new comic is published
  • Custom archive page that organizes all comics into chapters, including all future chapters
  • Cast page setup with custom post types to add a bio and image for each cast member
  • Custom comic navigation that goes from the the first comic to the latest


CareGround is built using WordPress, BBPress, and Buddypress with a custom listing system that creates a resource for Caregivers with a social network to help caregivers support each other.


  • Integrated with BBPress and BuddyPress
  • 5 Star Rating and Review System
  • CareTeam – Save Listings to Profile and shows listing on Profile with Privacy Options
  • Custom Listing System with Geo MY WP for Mapping
  • Dynamic Search Menu that only shows relevant dropdowns to current service selection
  • Customized jQuery UI Dialogs, replacing existing dialogs in BuddyPress and WordPress
  • Custom Template setup for all emails
  • Quarterly Reports sent automatically to listings showing views, ratings, CareTeam saves etc..

WordPress Blog in HTML5

Project Skyn Iceland HTML5 Blog
Custom Blog built for WordPress using HTML5 as a subcontractor.

    Some highlights of the site:

  • HTML5 Theme with Moderizer for antique versions of Internet Explorer (8 and lower)
  • jQuery WayPoints to Create a Social Media Bar on top of site when the site is scrolled pasted the header
  • Custom meta box for videos to display instead of a featured image
  • Custom meta box for caption on featured image or video
  • Includes YouTube Shortcode
  • Custom category and archive dropdown
  • Twitter and Facebook connection so all new post titles are sent to the social media profiles automatically
  • Custom visual editor buttons
  • Modified flash mp3 player with HTML5 fallback for mobile support
  • User Broswers.php to detect browsers and correct styling errors cause it is to hard for them to do it themselves!

Custom Joomla Template

Setup and Create Joomla Sites as subcontractor
Subcontracted to build a business website for Joomla so no pictures, sorry 🙁

  • Custom template in Joomla
  • Use HTML5 with Modernizer for IE8 and below compatibility
  • Update existing website and improve readability of content by reduce paragraphs of text and turning them into bullet points and adding images
  • Create service page and improved layout and added images for better readability
  • Added forms through Joomla Modules
  • Created a Custom RSS Feed with Google Alerts
  • Found Articles and Resource Information Relevant to the Business
  • Small Business Website with Address and Phone Number Included in Header