Hire a Web Developer like you Hire a Car Mechanic

A car, it takes you places, there are new models every year, there is maintenance to do, and there are mechanics to it.

Web Developer = Car Mechanic

Or Find a Web Developing Car Mechanic!

Websites are similar; it helps you reach a goal, there are new coding methods every year, there is upgrading to do, and there are web developers to do it.

A car and website can also both be used by someone that does not understand the inner machinery, but it is when you are looking to lengthen the life, fix problems, or improve upon either a website or a car a professional is needed to work on the inner machinery.

That inner machinery for websites can be divided into two areas, support and upgrades:

  1. A web developer can support your website, with coding improvements, maintenance and security updates to core files, bug fixes, server upgrades, etc…
  2. They can also, make upgrades with layout changes, new features, new themes, and more that will help you reach the goal of your web presence.

but there are also dangers..

A web developer just as a mechanic knows the inner machinery of the site better then you. So they can find problems that do not exist, they can suggest features that do not help you reach a goal and they can also not do what they say there are going to do and you might never know.

Therefore you should hire a Web Developer the same way you hire a mechanic and follow these steps:

  1. Find a Web Developer – First find a developer by asking friends, contacting websites you like the style of, search online for web developers, visit local meetups for developers, etc..
  2. Look at Their Work – Once you find a developer look over their projects and visit a sample of their websites and decide if you like it or not.
  3. Check References – Then contact the developer to get references or look at their portfolio and contact the owners of the sites for a reference.
  4. Google Them – At the same time, Google the Web Developer to see what is written about them, look for social media accounts, and find them on Linkedin.
  5. Try Out – Finally,if you think the web developer will work out, test them out with small updates or another small project for a couple months and see if you work well together before taking on bigger projects.

With those steps you should be able to determine if you want to work with the web developer and the web developer will deliver what you want. However, unlike a car where it is pretty clear you own it, websites ownership can get tricky with domains, hosting, and the website files.

Therefore, there are additional steps to take to protect your property from ownership of accounts to contracts for the work.

That is going to be the next post in “How to Protect Your Property – Website, Domain, and Server”